Recipe | Matcha Ice Tea Ⓥ

Hello peeps!

Storm and I were planning to merge our ideas into a new blog and so this site was born! Since we wanted to start it from scratch – I said that I wouldn’t continue to write as  and for “the blonde walkabout” but rather become part of our wonderful new blog “twelve months of summer”. We were looking for a name that suits us both and so we came up with the idea, that due to the different seasons in, and traveling back and fort between our home countries Germany and South Africa, it basically is summer for us 12 months. However, we do not only mean the meteorological summer but also our attitude towards life which is above all based on a positive attitude towards life and its manifold opportunities! Even though our road may sometimes be bumpy due to the distance and our nationalities we want to live it to the fullest and share some moments with you. We would love for you to follow us on our journey and hope that like that you become part of it as well! So enjoy and let’s start this thing with a summery drink: The matcha ice tea! xoxo S&J










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