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Hey peeps!

Did you know that there was a new Ace&Tate store in town? Well not permanently – but the people from Munich might get lucky and get a store soon, if the pop up store, which is opened til 25th July turns,  out to be a success. In the meanwhile I payed them a visit and checked out the glasses that are currently being hyped on all social media channels. Instantly I fell in love with a pair of glasses called “Nina” and picked the color “smoke on the water”. I don’t only love this store for its affordable and high quality correction glasses, but also because of their dutch origin and their engagement in charity projects! There is also an option to try on the glasses at home, a discount for new customers and a supply chain that really works efficiently. I am convinced of the concept, hooked on those glasses and love the design of the cute store in the Reichenbachstraße 22! Let me know what you think of those glasses or if you want to buy some @ Ace&Tate too 🙂


Here some picture of my new glasses:








the store in munich



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