Recipe | Easy & Quick Vegan Burger

Hello peeeps!


The weather hasn’t been really great the last couple of weeks and even though it was my birthday on Sunday the sun really disappointed :-/ Still had a great day though and really got spoilt as well – so can’t complain at all! Tonight the girls and I are meeting up to celebrate it together. In the meanwhile I have been working on a vegan burger recipe because I simply lovvveee burgers and surely cannot live without them!  Of course you can use a different patty or try things on it like avocado, sweet potato or basically any other vegetables. Unfortunately this recipe is not gluten free because I haven not found a bread roll that isn’t too dry to use it – so I just went with a normal roll from the bakery. However, it really is up to you what you put on it and what is available to you! This is my recipe so far: Let me know what you think of it and if you liked it! Kisses J


For the burger:

  • one roll cut into half  (bake a little bit in oven)
  • burger patty (e.g. Veggie Life – they have different choices, I chose the one with chickpeas)
  • rocket salad
  • Wilmesburger classis vegan cheese (e.g. Vitalia Reformhaus)
  • caramelized onions (use agave syrup or brown sugar instead of processed sugar)
  • optional: avocado slices / sweet potato slices / tomatoes

For the burger sauce:







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