Italy | Sardinia pt.1

Sardinia, from what I’ve seen so far, is the perfect holiday destinations. Whether you are on a family vacation , taking a trip with your mates, or spending some quality time with a loved one; Sardinia has it all.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be writing about everything that this island of magic and mystery has to offer: beaches, restaurants, nightlife, activities, and much more. So 

stay tuned!

This week it’s all about the BEACHES

Long sparkling beaches with soft white sand, blue skies, crystal clear water, and beautiful reefs: there is a large variety of beaches in Sardinia, all equally alluring and waiting to be explored. With average water temperatures of 22.4°C / 72.2°F and colours ranging from emerald green to blue, swimming is an absolute dream (especially if you grew up swimming in the Atlantic ocean).

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and is home to some of the most b eautiful beaches  in the world Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), situated in the north, stretches over 55 kilometers and comprises 80 unique (but equally beautiful) bays with pinkish white swimming beaches.

Cagliari, located in the south, is Sardinia’s capital city and offers the perfect combination of recreational activities. The 6 kilometer long Poetto Beach is the longest stretch of beach in Italy and is indispensable to the life of every Cagliaritani. In the summer the beach is filled with holiday cheer as restaurants, funfairs, bars, and discos line up to  accommodate your every need.

If you fancy staying clear of the popular spots then head to the province of Oristano. It has a more tranquil feel as it is less exploited by tourists than other places on the island. In Oristano you are spoiled for choice, and it may be difficult to decide where to lay down your towel: the beach of the grains of rice Is Arutas, Mari Ermì, Putzu Idu, S’Archittu, or the romantic small Beach of San Giovanni di Sinis.

No matter where you end up you’ll find a beach worth visiting and water worth exploring. The locals are friendly and they would have no problem with pointing you in the right direction , a simple ciao and grazie would go a long way too. So get out there and enjoy the experience of a lifetime (don’t forget the sunblock).

Mangia  bene ridi spesso, ama molto.


xx Storm


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