The Cleanse | by Super Danke!

Hey hey – here my review that I did on the BlondeWalkabout. I thought it might be a good idea to have a fresh start after I was sick for so long back then.

I chose to try the cleanse from “Super Danke” which costs 95€ plus shipping and can be delivered every Friday or Tuesday. The cleanse consists of 24 juices – 20 detox vegtable and fruit juices and 4 nutmilk options to keep you filled up throughout the day. The juices as such always change with the availability of seasonal fruits and vegtables and are always pressed cold&freshly on the day before delivery. I did the full cleanse and followed the instructions. On the first day I drank the two nutmilks in the morning – on the second day I decided to drink them in the evening, since I felt like that is the time when I feel the quite hungry. I really felt like my skin got better (even though I naturally have a good skin) Also, I don’t weigh myself but I felt like I lost a bit of weight. I really tried to stay hydrated throughout the day so additionally to the juices I drank green tea in the morning and one cup of water between every juice. The juices taste quite good even though some of them are a little bit sour. The Super Danke team gives you some good advice on what happens if your stomach gets upset. Luckily, I did not experience such problems throughout the cleanse. Two days before starting you should already stop eating big meals and rather stick to soups and small portions of food and snacks. You should also continue to eat like that after the cleanse as your stomach has to adapt to the changes. To conclude I really felt that the cleanse was successfull – have you done a cleanse or detox already? What were your experiences with it? I would love to get to know about it xx J

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