Italy | Sardinia pt.2

Hello peeps,

4 weeks have gone by and another post ist overdue. This week I will write about the Sardinian cuisine as I have experienced so far or as the Italians would say – the Sardinian “cucina”:

This week it’s all about the FOOD

Sardinia boasts a rich and diverse cuisine which includes a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood, caught daily, as well as meat and farm produce.

The availability and quality of these products is a refreshing change compared to Moscow. I am staying in Porto Rotondo, Olbia, and there are several places that offer amazing fresh fish and seafood: bass, sea bream, red snapper, tuna, salmon, mackerel, mussels, clams, shrimp, prawns and lobsters to name but “a few”. I will be attempting a fish BBQ tomorrow, using a chili jam marinade and wrapped in foil and placed on coals until cooked to perfection – stay tuned for pics and the recipe!

I was looking forward to trying out a pizza in it’s natural habitat country of origin for those of you who don’t have a sense of humour) and on all 3 occasions, it was, in a word, incredible! The ingredients are all fresh, the size is generous, and it is served straight from the oven. So crispy and simply “delizioso” 😉  Also everything  has been locally produced – That very much aligns with my idea  of a sustainable lifestyle and as we Capetonians often say: Local is lekker! My favourite is Prosciutto e Funghi (ham and mushroom) accompanied by 1/2 litre of vino rosso (red wine) ;). I am still a rookie as far as authentic pizza is concerned; At least my italian seems to have improved 🙂 I hope to make my way to the mainland someday as it is and experience all the food that this beautiful country has to offs – cooked by locals and loved by all!

I will be sure to let you all know about the BBQ. Wish me luck.

Alla prossima……..   Storm






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