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Hey guys !

I know it’s been a while but I am super busy and hardly have time for anything else but studying. Still I realllyyy need  to tell you guys about my great  trip to B E R L I N.  I had an interview and so I had to fly to the big B. I only had 8 hours to make it worth my while and after the interview I went to explore my most favourite German city! Instagram keeps my up to date when it comes to the best creative spots or secret places to eat out: So here is my secret tip on where to eat out in our capital city:

Pssssst..Shisho is THE most amazing spot for delicious burgers, spiral or sweet potatoes and a chat with Berlin’s hipster-creative heads! I had a lunch menu for 7,40€ with drinks included and I guess that is a pretty good price for such delicious food. Unfortunately they only offer one veggie option but trust me – that is a hell of a burger! Flavor-orgasm-alert!  I even met nice people and the waiters were more than friendly and attentive! I simply loved it. And who knows – maybe you can even spot one of the famous Berlin Bloggers? Hihi

Here the picssss of shishooo….and the rest of beautiful Berlin!







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