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Our lives sometimes seem so fast-paced, we hardly ever get to stop and think about how blessed we are with what we have. We hardly ever stop in our hectic daily routine to dwell in moments and memories. We hardly ever absorb the feelings of the moment, for we are to busy chasing the next ideas and plans.

We never linger. We rather rush.

This also explains why true commitments are so rare these days. What is broken cannot or will not be fixed, as there is something better and newer around the corner. If we go down memory lane, we realize that our ancestors were the one making history, because in former times  it seemed like everything was worth a fight – or even a war! Whatever it was that rattled their cage – at least they had emotions. I can hardly see contentedness in this generation –  which seems so restless.

So whenever I move from one place to another, from one town to the next or even from one country to the other,  I prompt myself to take a minute. Call it a minute of mediation or whatever you like but it is a minute to enjoy the happiness that going to the next situation brings.

There is no point in living in the past. What is done is done. No point in living in the future and chasing after the ONE NEXT THING either. When did we become a generation of immediate gratification? Take one dream at a time, make it work and then indulge in the richness and happiness it may bring you.

We are the only servants of our happiness – and we can make it last.

So today I decided to dedicate a post to happiness. With its many manifestations, finding your individual meaning of happiness truly must be one of the purposes of life. I am very happy to have enjoyed such an  amazingvacation with Storm and his mum. They are amazing people and bring so much joy to my life. Some incredible memories were made and I enjoyed my stay to the fullest. I am also happy to return to my home, to see my family, and to prepare for the adventures that are yet to come. I will move to Berlin soon and more than excited to explore a new city.  That is what keeps me busy at the moment and I am happy to share this with you guys.

I hope that this post makes you think about your happiness or even take a minute to think about what life has to offer for you specifically in order to make YOU happy. 🙂 Have a happy day and hopefully see you in the next post about pt.2  of the Garden Route 😉


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