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Hello peeps!

Tomorrow I’ll be off to Italy for a week to celebrate my mum’s birthday – so I’ll try to keep you posted from there. In the meanwhile I wanted to tell you something about my routine when it comes to one of the most important meals of the day: the breakfast!

Breakfast is the time of the day to relax and since my motto – when it comes to breakfast – is: “Start your day right! ” I think it is very important to choose your food wisely. A coffee is good but I personally prefer a nice tea to wake up. It is better for your stomach and definitely healthier than a cup of coffee! (Check out my blogpost about Matcha where I reviewed all its health benefits.) Yeah, I simply love a good cup of green tea, which I think brings peace when a hectic day is awaiting you. Furthermore, Storm and I have a foible for freshly squeezed juices – preferably grapefruit! (check out the health benefits on the picture!). There is nothing better than drinking a cool juice on a hot summer’s day no? Then I proceed to making an omelette (yes not vegan but I am very comfortable with being a vegetarian and will try to be complete vegan by the beginning of next year.) I therefore only use the egg whites for a couple of reasons e.g. : high protein, low calories and no cholesterol. I also eat my omelette on a gluten free bread which is low in saturated fats (To be found on this website: Poensgen) They have a great selection of gluten free breads! Last but not least I always eat a yoghurt or a soy milk-chiaseed-pudding.

I usually combine a couple of ingredients to pimp it a little but this time I tried the my muesli website. I really had fun creating my “Lecker Schmecker” Müsli, which amongst others contains almonds, chiaseeds, popped amaranth and white chocolate bits 🙂 I can definitely recommend it! It might seem like a lot to eat but I need a meal that keeps me filled throughout the day and I mostly don’t have time for lunch anyway. Overall I think this is quite a healthy breakfast, but there are plenty of alternatives which I am very interested in hearing from you guys. What are your favorite breakfast compositions? How do you start your mornings! Excited to read it in the comments! For now I wish you guys a happy happy week! Cheers J





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