Italy | South Tyrol | Between Lake Caldaro & Törggelen

Hey guys!

I am back from my holiday in South Tyrol and I can say that I had a very nice and peaceful holiday. Getting away from the stress of deciding which Master program to take and where to move was just the right thing for me. South Tyrol is such a beautiful part of the world to travel to and we are so blessed to live so close to it. We drove two hours and within these two hours the temperature rose noticeably. South Tyrol is one of these unique countries where multiple languages are being spoken. It is a country that has been shaped by different cultural influences. A year ago, the Guardian wrote a very interesting article about the blessings and burdens of living in a country with two identities like South Tyrol. We visited the capital Bolzano and also stayed in Lake Caldaro. The South Tyrolean kitchen is definitely a very special one with its Mediterranean and very much Alpine influences. We could also say Knödel and Spaghetti go hand in hand ;).

A very typical thing for the autumn season is the traditional “Törggelen” which describes indulging in wine, roasted chestnuts and huge platters filled with bacon to snack on, smoked sausages or ‘schlutzkrapfen’ (which is their word for ravioli). Whichever you chose – you’ll never go hungry.

The scenery is just as breathtaking as you would expect from Italy /Austria. The little rustic cities are so charming and invite you to linger. There is a vast number of castles you can hike up to and enough sights like the Funivia Renon you can visit. In terms of physical activities South Tyrol has lots to offer. From swimming in the lake to cycling and hiking – there is nothing you cannot do 🙂 Anyways, I had an amazing time and brought you guys some pictures that (as I think) very much capture the mood of South Tyrol! See for yourself 🙂 Have a great weekend guys!


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