South Africa | 5 things to do in rainy Cape Town

Hello guys!

It’s been so hot in the Mother City lately. With lots of fires around one really was hoping for the sphere to cool down a bit. Now the clouds have finally rolled in, leaving us with some rainy days. But hey – who can complain – finally the flora and fauna of the Southern Peninsula gets nurtured with some water. However, for us humans the question arises: what to do in such moody weather? Jess and I have come up with a 5 tips for some rainy days in Cape Town. Your days certainly do not have to be boring with this guide!


1) Lekka Kombuis Cape Malay Cooking Classes

d47a421d86aa299701e69d953eef9b7aWhen you are living in the Cape it is needless to say that you will sooner or later stumble across the traditional Cape Malay cuisine that is so rich in flavor that you will wonder why you have been missing out on this your whole life. Don’t worry though! You don’t necessarily need to eat out to experience this amazing rich kitchen – you can now go out there and start learning how to cook this way yourself! Based in the colorful Bokaap area  some Cape Malay ladies have decided to pass on their cooking wisdom and their family secrets to everyone who has an open mind and a heart that is as warm as the curries they make. If you cannot wait to be surrounded by wonderful smells of baked rotis, cumin, masala, fennel, coriander and many more spices then this is perfect for you! Besides, you will be able to have a nice chitchat and get to know more about the historical background of the quarter and the people living in it.


2) Play a little game

9ac83d23d6026f0d9a858ad43d9fba10If you feel like doing something but the weather won’t allow you to do it outdoors, don’t worry- we have the perfect solution for you to both stimulate mind and body while having fun at the same time. All you need is some time and your brains to play this live escape game, which is all about being trapped in a room and trying to make your way out by solving some riddles. If that is not fun then I don’t know what is 😉


3) Rush Trampoline Park Claremont

rush-indoor-trampolineYou have read this article so far and still haven’t found the right thing? You want more action without getting wet? Then this is the ultimate activity for you: The Rush Trampoline Park guarantees you a day full of action, whilst bringing your friends along. They do have certain fitness nights where you can  participate in games, but you can also feel free to do your own thing and work on your Salti skills. Sounds like fun? Sure it does!


4) District Six Museum


It’s rainy, you feel lazy and you certainly don’t want to get involved in a sporty activity. However you do feel like stimulating your mind and maybe learning something new. Then how about  visiting the District 6 Museum? You will be overwhelmed by the input and the information that is presented to you. District 6 confronts you with the memories of this area and the historical background of South Africa and its racial discrimination. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. There is lots to see and hear in this special little Museum.


5) Bowling

bb5b09d83182a21bb296bf18d6a70ff9You and your friends want to hang but you have no idea what to do during this miserable weather. How about you take a little drive to the very next bowling center. Put your smile on and then your bowling shoes and let’s see how competitive you suddenly get. It is fun, you can listen to some music and have some snacks and even do it in a group. So day made and no reason to sit home and be all miserable 😉 And who knows – if you win you might get an extra drink from your mates?


Remember one thing: The Mother City is anything but mundane and there are lots of opportunities out there! You just gotta find them. Yet, we hope to have inspired you a little bit and may  your next rainy day in Cape Town be anything but boring 😉 Cheers guys! Stay tuned


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  1. July 24, 2017 / 10:17 am

    Hey Jess,
    This is a nice take on Cape Town during the rainy season, often think I may as well be in England lol. There aren’t a lot of places talking about what do in Cape Town during the rain.

    • August 6, 2017 / 11:52 am

      Haha that is true. So many fun places to go to though hehe. Thank you for your comment!

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