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Hello guys!

I have been busy-busy traveling to Germany in order to visit my University in Berlin and my family in Munich but I have had a great time so far! The snow is nice and my hometown looks magical as always – but to not ponder about winter wonderland let me indulge in stories of the warmer hemisphere.

Now that I have found some time to actually sit down, I finally decided to take a look at the pictures I got to take when we visited the great Babylonstoren Cape Dutch Farm which dates back to 1692! I always wanted to go there since I have been following their wonderful Instagram account which shows the beautiful landscape of the 8 acres big garden, filled with all kinds of fruits, berries, cacti, hidden tunnels and other magnificent plants.

Seeing as we had to meet the photographer to pick up our pictures from the wedding – (her parents happen to be the owners of this enchanting place) we figured it might be a great opportunity to grab lunch there in their fantastic greenhouse! (On hot days the table are placed outside the greenhouse though) It is truly a magical place where you can easily get lost! The lunch menu is small but the coziness of the place makes up for it. They also have a restaurant (“Babbel”) and you can also book this place as a wedding venue! You can stay for a night in their beautiful suites (quite pricy though) and experience a romantic getaway while going for a Spa treatment, or simply visit the farm shop and Bakery. They do tea rituals and workshops on bees, succulents, herbs and many more things and they even have their very own gardening app! All in all this place offers a lots for everyone! You can opt for vegetarian options but the menu is always changing and I am sure you can ask for vegan options too!

All in all if you want to have a Sunday well spent this is an awesome place, yet be aware that tourist prices are applied here. Here you can take a look at our snaps from this place and I hope you feel inspired for your next weekend plans! xxx J




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