South Africa | Afrika Burn X 2016

Back from Afrika Burn – I don’t even know where to start….This festival never ceases to fascinate with more than 10.000 visitors who make a pilgrimage towards the South African Karoo desert, in order to experience a soul-searching, mind-altering week. In Tankwa Town, a temporary city of glamour and art, clocks tick differently and a economy of “gifting” and reciprocity holds place. All of a sudden one may find themselves with a refreshing ice cream or lemonade that someone graciously gifted. Theme Camps are set up with the aim of entertainment and the creation of stimulating art work. All of those who want to participate in this project are more than welcome to do so – may it be with their crazy outfits, their splendid art work or sculptures, their eccentric vehicles or their fascinating alter egos. AfrikaBurn serves as a medium for creative expression. The sculptures, which do not only look incredible also convey certain messages to us. For example, one of the artworks was called “Xenophobia”, which was a statue of a man on his knees being wrapped in car tires, representing the violent xenophobic attacks taking place in South Africa. It intends to give back the voices of those who lost theirs and serves to remind us of the atrocities that transpire in SA. Another amazing sculpture was called “Awakening”, which was built in the shape of a lotus, representing rebirth and purity rising from the mud. A place to mourn, meditate, reflect, share love and find peace. One could write on the walls, seek catharsis and watch the words go up in flames as the lotus was turned to ashes. In the evenings, the sculptures were burnt one by one, as to leave no trace behind and remind us of our evanescence on earth. We are only one piece of the bigger picture and serve something much greater than us. Of this you become painfully aware, when you look towards the pastel sunsets, hear the music eclipsing into the vastness of the desert as the dust slowly covers your skin. I enjoyed this unique festival very much and would recommend it to anyone who looks for a different experience. After all, AfrikaBurn advertises with the slogan: “For those that have been no explanation is necessary, for those that haven’t none is possible.” xoxo J

Here our video with all our highlights available – for quality reasons refrain from maximizing it – somehow it could not be loaded in the original quality (HD). Thanks!

Here are some additional snaps that did not make it into the video or that I found worth posting again:

and another short clip I made:




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