A Birthday Memorandum | A quarterlife-crisis is the new black

Hello peeps!

I am back – and a year older: 25! What a number; What a milestone. However, I should say that this age is not an easy one and people tend to often underestimate how much quarter agers are overwhelmed by the meaning it bears. Many fears and questions run through the mind of a 20 year old and for our generation, which was promised to be the generation of endless Wohlstand (prosperity), things may have turned out quite differently after all. After the wars and the many technological breakthroughs of the last century, one would assume that the Millennials are facing a comfortable future. Instead, the Generation Y is paralyzed by it’s own overthinking and problem-creating. It almost seems like a quarterlife-crisis is the new black.

As a 25 year old you are...

not a kid anymore....yet not an adult

just about to finish with your education...yet not ready to entirely face the business world

expected to have achieved something....yet not old enough to have the capacities and experience

most likely to settle....and yet experimenting the most

supposed to act reasonable....yet still being emotional and irrational

Even though we expected everything to go smooth for us, with technology being our saviour no.1 for contemporary problems, we are still faced with an avalanche of new problems. But who is going to solve these this time around? Our grandparents? Our parents? Guess what: It’s just us! We have to bear the brunt of global warming and contemporary politics. We have to deal with global migration and resulting religious clashes. Even though we didn’t think so, we are in a true transitional era and while we were just playing with our gameboy a second before, suddenly we are all grown up, expected to save the world and the next generation. A lot of responsibility right?

Yes no maybe – I don’t know – can you repeat the question?

With that comes the identity-problem. In our 20s we are figuring stuff out. We literally do nothing else but figuring out who we are, what we want to do, if the subject we study really fulfills us or not and so on. We cannot think further than that… and we shouldn’t have to! We should be able to be one person today and another tomorrow. You have no obligation to be the same person you were years, months or even minutes ago. We have epiphanies, we mature and we can do whatever we want to aspire. And that is the beauty of our generation: Freedom!

If I decide that I want to be vegan, or a photographer or travel to the other side of the world – than I can do that! If I decide to play the violin or learn Mandarin or how to surf – than I can do that too. People spent too much time judging their fellows and envying what they do and say. Facebook and other social media is just a catalyst for this behaviour. The meaning of social media has been hyped and overrated. People spent their time watching other people live. They don’t see the nitty-gritty of this: Namely that we have so much freedom and choice in what we really want to do! This means we can mess around for a little and still make responsible choices down the line. That is why our generation is truly blessed!

Unfortunately many 20 year olds may not see this, but only what social media shows them. They only perceive the burdens of their age and only look at and compare themselves to the things other people have achieved. They lose focus on what THEY should do: To enjoy themselves and their 20s. Especially those 25 year-old fellows! A big milestone – yes – and a great prophecy of all the good that is yet to come. That’s what it is and what people should take it for… It’s okay to live in the now. Of course it shouldn’t make us oblivient to the many problems out there. But we can only succeeed in conquering all these problems, if we learn to be US. First we need to love ourselves and then we can extend that love to others. Only if we do that we will be able to figure the rest out too! In this sense – happy Tuesday xxx J

P.S. I had a wonderful day hiking up Lion’s Head with my hubby for a beautiful sunrise and was spoiled with great presents, mainly workout gear 🙂 Thanks for all the kind messages again. Love you guys!


  1. July 13, 2016 / 5:05 pm

    I’m about your age and have the same viewpoints! Just finding our way into adulthood!

    • July 13, 2016 / 5:08 pm

      Exactly! Thank you so much for reading! Much appreciated! Would love if you’d stop by again and good luck for your journey!

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