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There are two kinds of Sundays: The one where you snuggle in under the blankets, with a hot chocolate, a good book to read, great series to watch and comfort food ready to be eaten — ORR the one where you are adventurous, go out, where you are active and ready to explore your environment. The latter describes our past Sunday most accurately: We headed to Seapoint to enjoy the fresh air and a stroll on the promenade. Next to the little food trucks you can rent a bike at up cycles starting from R60 for one hour. BTW they also teach people how to ride a bike and they do Fullmoon and Birthday rides! Unfortunately it was quite cool and so we decided to just fool around with our pennyboards and the colourful façade of Seapoint. I love to see all the different people and faces that also decide to go for a Sunday stroll. I love a fresh sea breeze and the sound of the waves clashing against the concrete wall of the promenade. However, what rounds of a nice long walk is a hot beverage and a lekker snack. On the hunt for new vegan and vegetarian inspirations and cafés, I happened to stumble upon a new dime: Scheckter’s raw. It serves healthy gourmet food and I would have to lie if I didn’t admit to how much I have been looking forward to visting Scheckter’s raw. Mainly due to their mouth watering pictures on Instagram! Go check out their cute account:

So once we got there we decided to order a Matcha Latte (my favourite) and a “Golden Mylk”, which only consist of the finest ingredients such as raw activated nut mylk, tumeric, coconut oil, cinnamon, black pepper and dates. On every smoothie there is a little tag which provides you with information on the health benefits. The Golden Mylk for example, can serve as an anti depressant and can protect you against heart diseases.

– What does activated mean? – 
Well it means that the nutmilk has been produced in a certain way. Making nutmilk of whatever kind can be quite tricky, but it is not only very rewarding in taste but also in the health benefits that go along with the right process. To ‘activate’ the nuts simply describes a preceding process of soaking and dehydrating them. This process will enable the enzyme inhibitors to be released whilst getting rid of chemicals.This basically allows us to absorb the highest amount of nutrition. This process can be done with nuts, seeds, grains and beans!

As a lunch I ordered the organic oat, almond butter, strawberry & chia seed jar, made with  coconut milk and either honey or agave nectar as a vegan option. I immediately fell in love with this place, simply because each and every dish looks amazing and also makes you feel amazing. It is not only a great place to get your healthy dose of nutrients but also a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the City Bowl. Bigplus is that they serve breakfast all day! I was really keen to try the Matcha Flapjacks, but unfortunately they were out of batter. I am not too sad though, as this surely won’t be my last time around 😉 All in all we had a great weekend and my list of great vegetarian and vegan places just got a bit longer again. It is great to see that healthy and organic nutrition are gaining ground. As the name RAW already implies, this place took it truly upon itself to serve natural, authentic, honest, plant-based, cruelty-free and nutrient dense food. Ingredients are sourced both locally and internationally.Hopefully I can give you an update on these very compelling curries – or even better – you go try it yourself. Pretty sure you won’t be disappointed 🙂 Until then – keep calm and stay ravenous!!! xxx Jess


Last but not least a little bit of boomerang (love it hey! – so playful!)



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