South Africa | Cape Point | Discovering the traces of Bartolomeu Dias

I imagine it to be a story that starts like this:”….It was on a dark night of high seas, strong winds and a rough current, when the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Diaz first laid eyes on what they called Cabo da Boa Esperançaknown to us as the Cape of Good Hope…..”

Whether or not he was the first man to round the Cape Peninsula in 1487 has not been historically proven, but nevertheless makes for a great myth. Sadly, the only potential witness of this glorious story is the breathtakingly beautiful Dias Beach,  tucked away between Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope and sitting there – forever silent – like a relic, waiting for its eponym and master to return. Paradoxically, one would assume that this exceptional beach has been flooded by the many tourists coming to visit the Cape each year, but the steep walk down to this astounding patch of earth seems to discourage most people to pay it a visit.

Those who do take the trouble of mastering those steps will be rewarded by a small and humble yet untamed beach encircled by the Atlantic Ocean, which is picturesque as ever. The beauty of its simplicity is second to none and invites you to escape exactly those crowds of tourists you would usually bump into at every inch of the Cape. Standing there and taking in the beauty of this pristine stretch, will naturally make you recreate those myths of early days in which wild explorers like Vasco da Gama risk their life for glory and honour to sail through those monstrous waves that you may now observe from a safe distance.

Storm and I went there last week and did the walk down to the beach. It is named the Cape of Good Hope trail and is one of many trails you can follow around the Cape. This one is estimated to take 1,5h but be sure to take some more time if you want to go down to the beach and take a proper stroll on this piece of shoreline.

Unfortunately it was quite foggy, which nevertheless makes for gorgeous pictures. Even though the weather might be splendid in Cape Town, this does not necessarily mean that the weather around the Cape is good. There is yet to be a livecam established, which would help in assessing the weather conditions, seeing as the drive from Cape Town must be well-planned for tourists. Luckily, we live in the Cape Peninsula and thus can pop by whenever we want.

If you look for something else to explore, be sure not to miss out on the Lighthouse Keeper’s Trail, which is often overlooked and starts behind the funicular leading you to the old lighthouse across a beautiful fynbos trail. However, if you look for something less adventurous you can also spend your time at Buffels Bay or Bordjiesdrif, where you can find sweet spots for picnics or swimming. Another trail is the Shipwreck trail, which – as the name implies- makes for good pictures of as much as 26 recorded early maritime disasters. A further list of all the great walks can be found here.



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    1. Vielen lieben Dank :)!! Das wäre doch mal was haha. Würden uns sehr sehr freuen wenn ihr uns abonniert und öfters vorbeischaut!! Toller Blog den ihr Mädels da habt! Keep the good work up S&J


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