The healthy journey | 5 tips on how to make the perfect smoothie | Ⓥ

We all love them, we all make them and now that summer is around the corner we’ll be churning them out en masse. 🙂 To make sure you get the most out of these little nutri-bombs we have compiled 5 valuable tips. Now you may think: Making a smoothie is sooooo easy – why would I need advice on that? However, many of us don’t know any better than to just toss anything that might seem healthy into the blender and then subsequently drink it no matter the texture and flavour – after all you spend so much money on the ingredients and don’t want your smoothie to go waste. Thus, we will look at the perfect combinations for your balanced and creamy smoothie which will require little ingredients and serve for maximum deliciousness. Maybe you already know this, maybe you don’t: Either way we would love for you to join #thehealthjourney. This hashtag from now represents our series of health related topics, may that refer to recipes, workout routines, vegetarianism or mind&soul. So here we go- are our 5 tips on how to make the perfect smoothie.

  1. Stay Fresh: The fresher your products – the fresher your smoothie. That sounds quite simple yet a lot of people get this wrong. Think fresh and try to only use whole foods for your perfect smoothie. ( No powder; The less packaging the better)
  2. Balance is key: Aiming for the perfect smoothie means aiming for the right amount of ingredients and the right ratio of healthy fats, protein and fruit.
    • Start with 1 – 1 1/2 cups of liquid of your choice (e.g. milk, dairy-free drink, water,  fruit juice, coconut water), as this will avoid the fruit to get stuck to the blade.
    • Next add 1-2 hands full of fruit/veg of choice. Hereby, 1 banana serves as a great base for creamy (breakfast-) smoothies.
    • In order to cover the healthy fats you can opt for nut or seed butter (unsweetend+organic) or one scoop or avocado.
    • If you prefer a thicker texture you can add chia seeds. Coconut meat and greek yoghurt will also do the trick and will give your smoothie a nice twist.
    • For protein or fiber add some whey or oats. This is especially nice if you want to have a rich and filling breakfast smoothie.
    • Lastly, you can add spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon or sweeteners of your choice to add some boosting flavours, but to keep it healthy choose amongst honey, agave, vanilla extract, dates or coconut sugar. But again do not forget that less is more and you should not choose more than 2 of those.
  3. Veg it up: Don’t be afraid to add veggies, but also don’t overdo it! a handful of kale, spinach or other greens will do – however if you want to avoid the bitterness than remove the stems. Veggies are not mandatory. Especially for breakfast smoothies, lighter fruity smoothies are the way to go!
  4. Eat the seasons: Use seasonal fruit has 3 simple advantages.
    • Firstly you will save money because if you opt for fruit that is our of season it will most likely be imported and thus more expensive.
    • Second, if we consume seasonal produce it will come from local farmers and thus we support economic growth. After all “local is lekker”.
    • Thirdly and most importantly, we support the environment, as imported fruit and veg travels a long way before makes it into the shelves of our local supermarket. Do we really need avos from South America? Let’s just find more sustainable alternatives for the out-of-season period.
  5. Your as cold as ice: Who needs ice when the fruits can take over that job and save you time and effort of refilling those ice trays. Even better: Once you have found your perfect smoothie combo just put them in a ziplock bag (ecofriendly ones, or simply rinse and reuse), store them in the freezer and take out when needed. Plus normal ice cubs would water it down and we want to keep that cream…smooth texture don’t we…



1c raspberries , 1c blueberries, 1c strawberries, 1c spinach

1c rapberries, 1 1/2c pineapple, 1c mango, 1/2 banana

1c kiwi, 1 1/2c watermelon, 1 1/2c grapes

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset




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