The Trump Tragedy | Ebell & Our Environmental Combat

Don’t you love this planet too much to give up on fighting climate change? I ask myself this question everyday. Mostly, when I refuse plastic bags at the cashier. When I choose to walk instead of drive. When I eat local and seasonal instead of grabbing the next imported product. However, this behaviour takes commitment: It means breaking habitual patterns. It ultimately means stepping out of your comfort zone.

We were trained to consume products that used to be out of our reach. Now, availability has become a luxury that is hard to give up. Consequently, not choosing these products almost seems like deprivation. Living green and with a ‘clean’ conscience is a hard knock life. But what if I told you that all the time and effort that I and many many other people have put into being a better person just to help our planet is being recklessly trampled over. Or should I rather say TRUMPed over. Indeed one person may have the power to change all our lives …. for the worse.

– Trump is a political catastrophe-

With a president that many climate scientists label as a ‘disaster for the planet’, it seems like all hope is lost; a man that describes global warming as a ‘hoax’ and who has the threatening power to dismiss all our achievements, such as the Paris Agreement or the Obama Clean Power Plan. We are living in a time where all decisions made by superpowers will be pivotal to whether this planet has a future. However, with Trump as president, the US will become a rogue state on climate change.

I know that many feel detached from the idea of climate change and the inherent dangers. I know that many feel like their contribution towards  its combat are insignificant and cannot make a lasting change. However, we can only fight climate change in a united effort. Right now every action, every green decision made, can help in curbing the worrisome developments that have been launched by climate change.

With this being said it is hard to believe that the majority of American people consider this person competent enough to hold this office. Moreover, while the reasons for this outcome are diverse, the consequences are dreadfully clear:

Ironically, the first to be affected by horrendous megadroughts will be western US states like California. Climate denialism isn’t something to post memes about. Climate change does not give us the benefit of the doubt. It’s existence is a given fact. The fact that Trump builds a seawall for his golf course due to rising sea levels is simply outrageous, as it demonstrates a selective ignorance. What’s more is that he has selected Myrek Ebell to lead his EPA transition team. A man who said that climate change is ‘nothing to worry about’. I don’t know if ‘shocking’ or simply ‘sad’ is the right word to comment on this.

These insights make it easier to understand why (amongst many other reasons) thousands have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the inauguration of Trump. This subject is not something that only concerns Americans, the environment and the election of Donald Trump will inevitably affect us all and future generations. If you still don’t believe it watch ‘before the flood’.

If the election of this man intimidated you or if you ask yourself once again if you should take that plastic bag or take your bike instead of the car, know that we may have lost a political battle but not the war against climate change. Understand that we are not helpless victims. Know that we can stand up, demonstrate, fight and ultimately emancipate ourselves for the sake of our earth. So take action and help determine the fate of planet earth. Below you can see 5 tips to help combat climate change. If you are not doing it yet than please jump on the climate train! (Also see tips from another post we did on ZERO WASTE)

  1. Transportation: Bike – In the city it is better to walk anyway. If you are with a group of friend then carpooling is the best option. Travel by train/bus instead of taking a plane for journeys that can be done in under 8h!
  2. Energy: Choose energy-efficient appliances! Save money and energy. Install a programmable thermostat – it really saves a lot!
  3. Food: Choose local, organic and seasonal food. Compose organic waste and learn to recycle properly. Cut down on unnecessary packaging and use a hemp bag to do groceries. It’s really not that hard . Buy smart, meaning that instead of 3 bottles of 0,5 you can buy a one 1,5L bottle. Remember that the production of glass bottles uses a lot of energy too! EAT LESS MEAT (if you aren’t vegetarian already) since production emits a lot of methane)
  4. Household: Cold wash, hang to dry. Leave nothing on standby. Fully pack the dishwasher.
  5. Clothing and personal: Take a shower instead of a bath. Protect and conserve wildlife and forests.

Good luck and see you in our next post!

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  1. Trudy van Eck
    November 18, 2016 / 8:32 am

    Goed gesproken! Weet wel dat het een lange weg is de wereld te verbeteren in deze consumptie-maatschappij!
    Liefs, Trudy, Holland

    • November 30, 2016 / 8:56 am

      Dankjewel lieve Trudy! Dat klopt inderdaad. Soms voelt het alsof alle hoop is verloren. Maar we moeten op zijn minst proberen om het te bestrijden! Over Trump: De Amerikanen blijven mij verrassen. Maar niet op een goede manier…Ik denk We moeten nu gewoon afwachten en zien wat komt. Bedankt voor het lezen! Ik hoop met jullie gaat alles goed! Ik heb gesolliciteerd voor een promotieplaats in Maastricht (het is in Engels). In de komende weken geven ze me een antwoord. Misschien zou ik dan weer dichter bij de familie (in NL en Duitsland) zijn.:) We zullen zien. Heel veel liefs en kusjes!!!! En prettige kerst al vast!!!!! xxx Jess

  2. Nelly
    November 30, 2016 / 11:45 am

    Unser Planet ist unser Zuhause, unser einziges Zuhause. Wo sollen wir denn hingehen, wenn wir ihn zerstören?

    Tsja, hoe gelijk je hebt blijkt uit een aktueel bericht uit Australien: Dramatisches Korallen-Massensterben am Great Barrier Reef.

    Alle kleine beetjes helpen, als iedereen maar besefte dat het ons allemaal iets aangaat.

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