South Africa | Cape Town | The Old Biscuit Mill Ⓥ

It was love at first sight. When I first set foot into this wonderful market I knew that I would fall for it immediately. I knew that from now on I would have to return regularly 🙂 …and so we did! 4 years of Old Biscuit Mill and Neighbourgoods market have convinced me that this food market is a global trendsetter. THIS market, located in the hipster suburb Woodstock, leaves nothing to be desired.

Why we love it so much? Well first of all it’s food – food everywhere – so how can we not love that? But more importantly, the products are all locally produced, most of it is seasonal, there are glutenfree, vegan & vegetarian options, a lot of it can be bought without packaging (zero waste), there is plenty of organic & fresh food, there is always some good local music and a lot of things, like the fine jewellery, the leather products and bags are recycled. I couldn’t wish for more! Storm highly recommends the vegan burger and nachos which have made their way into his foodie heart. So now without further ado we will provide you with some pictures to at least give you a visual taste of our weekend!!! XXX J


Food sign

Salad bar




Market Beauty; Same old Kak;

Recycled Leather Books


Vegan lunch

Storm Portrait




Vegan burger and Nachos

Dutch poffertjes



Storm munching


red mini old school

Rösti Beer-tap


Girl Shopping Sandwich


Ham and Brie Rolls

me African mama



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