A retrospective | Hey there 2017 and goodbye 2016


Hey there 2017!

You have just arrived and yet already everyone has so many expectations as to how you should and will be. Resolutions were made and are most likely to be broken before January has come to and end. Yes. 2016 has left many people out of breath. People were tired of celebrities dying, the political turmoil and the shifts in distribution of powers, but was it really that bad?

We could say the same thing about other years that were filled with political changes and natural catastrophes. Yet we decided to blame it all on last year. Maybe we could explain this with bandwagoning. Thus, people who decided to change their life in 2016 and did not succeed will naturally just agree with people that claim 2016 to be the worst year in history. It makes it easier to swallow the bitter pill of reflecting on the reasons of personal failure. After all, if everyone feels the same way it could not have been my fault!!! Yet, personal failures cannot be simply blamed on the negative events of one single year. Instead we have to ask ourselves why we perceive this year to have been so bad. Of course a personal loss, or a professional failure can enforce these negative feelings. However, if you are simply hopping on the “everything-was-so-bad-in2016” train just for the sake of nagging, then please stop being so dramatic.

Every man is the artisan of his own fortune

You’ve probably heard of this proverb before and yet only few people give it the necessary attention. Life’s difficulties and set-backs cannot be simply framed by a specific date. I’ve had many set-backs, losses, grievances, heartbreaks and failures in my life and yet I think it all was part of the journey. Moreover, the only thing I am truly in charge of is the way I decide to handle things. Now the most powerful tools in order to master any given obstacle are your thoughts. If you can temper your thoughts, you can ultimately manifest a brighter future. Any negative experiences in life can be transformed into a lesson and ultimately into a positive thought. Holding grudges because of what happened last year may serve no one and nothing. 

The quintessence of this paragraph boils down to my advice that retrospectives and resolutions are not entirely useless. However, they should not be formulated as rules and restrictions. Instead, one should use the negative thoughts and moments from yesterday to create a better tomorrow. It might sound cliche but that obviously means that there’s some truth in it. Making these thoughts a habit is key to pursuing your goals sustainably. You may or may not get there but the journey towards becoming a more positive and reflected person is so much more worthwhile. As such I can say that my personal resolution for 2017 is to be more loving and considerate- towards myself, others and the planet; to maintain a positive mind and thereby achieve the goals I have set, which would flow naturally …..;) So let us slide into the new year with positive thoughts (this quote by my favourite author Roland Dahl says it best), more self love and great plans, and let us make it even better than the previous years!!!

but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely….

P.S.: We had the honour to do a shoot with the amazingly talented photographers @MarinaScholze @JuliaWinkler and @SeppMorrison. (Check out their pages – linked here!) When they are not busy traveling the world or shooting back home in Bavaria, they come and visit the Southern Hemisphere every now and then for more rad snaps and shenanigans. Here a couple of snaps from @MarinaScholze! We are so in love with the pics and will definitely cherish them! Thanks again!















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