Sustainable Living 101 | 5 Sustainable Must-Haves/Do's

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This past month we stumbled over a couple of great sustainable products and services and thought we should share them with you. They are hip, they are practical – and MOST of all, they are sustainable / zero waste. Below we have listed them for you! Whether it is for a hike, travel, everyday life, these items are definitely worth investing into! I will move to Hanoi next week and Jess to another suburb . I am sure once we have settled in we will be in touch again with some great new stuff! In that sense: Stay tuned.


As the website describes: “The tiffin, also called Dabba of Rantang, is missing in any Indian Cuisine and has been part of the Indian food culture for centuries. Tiffin literally means second breakfast or lunch and originated in British India. The stack trays are traditionally used to keep it fresh and transporting delicious, fresh homemade Indian dishes. Mumbai alone there are 75.000 daily round brought by some 4.000 Dabbawalla’s, tiffin couriers.” – Redesigned with modern prints, these tiffins from a Dutch label are THE perfect Zero Waste lunch and takeaway box! Click on the picture to check out the website!




As the website states: “I’m made from one single yarn of recycled plastic bottles. Spin dyed to use less water, energy and chemicals. Ready to be used, travelled and loved. And in the distant future recycled again.” This rucksack has not only been approved by generations and thus proven its hipness but is also produced in a conscious way. With all the cool colours everyone can find their style of choice!




If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors like us whilst always trying to remain connected than this is the perfect solution for you: A portable solar panel allows you to charge any given device through sunlight whilst being on the road. For safari trips those are great because you can just leave them on the vehicle when stopping somewhere-. For outdoor lovers a rucksack is the better solution as you can comfortably charge your devices while being active. There a number of great labels that offer these backpacks! Just check out these pages for further info on how much it stores, charges or weighs. The Austrian label sunnyBAG is definitely a pioneer in this field and even offers satchel bags with panels! Click on the pictures for more info!!!

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Where should we start? As the name implies this great label ensures that with every purchase of an item, ten trees are being planted. Now here comes the interesting part: Every piece of apparel comes with a unique tag, each with it’s own tree code specific to your ten trees, allowing you to track ” your trees”. This great business has partnered with several not-for-profits across the globe, including the Canadian Wildlife FederationWeForestAmerican ForestsEden ReforestationTrees for the Future, and more. The positive environmental impact they make with this project needs no further explanation. It is simply an amazing idea! Check out some of their clothes in this slideshow or the click on this link to see the full website!!!

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Who doesn’t love a nice and rustic vacay? If you are keen to explore the outdoors while opting for a different accommodation than a nice fancy hotel, be sure to check out the local available ecolodges! They are not only often unbearably cute and adventurous, but also harbour a great potential of caring for the environment. Check these out and be sure to be wowed!

Picture by_ The Eco Friendly Africa Travel – Beach Camp Paternoster


Picture by Airbnb Eco Bamboo Home Bali by Alena





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