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Okay so I gotta share this recipe with you seeing as it is really tasty and quick to make. It is cheap and rich in nutrients and it is the kind of food I love the most: C U R R Y . South Africa’s curry-story roots deep back in history, fusing African, Malaysian and Indonesian flavours to delicious effect, also known as the Cape Malay Cuisine. I find that there is nothing more delicious than the taste and smell of bubbling spices all put together in a pot like a piece of composition. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that since living here in South Africa, I have definitely channelled those tastebuds, taking the spiciness to a whole new level! But don’t worry – this recipe is even for Curry Newbies! So let’s have a look at it:

What you need: (serves 2 people)

  • 16491320_10206512503370768_65521541_o3 carrots, chopped
  • 1/2 a tin of chickpeas
  • 1 tbsp. yellow curry paste
  • 1 tin coconut cream
  • 20 gr rocket
  • 1/2 red onion, chopped
  • 1 tsp. coconut oil
  • 100 gram quinoa
  • 200ml water mixed with 1 cube (/tsp.) vegetable broth
  • (chili flakes)

How to go about this:

Take two pans (one big one small) and one pot. Boil quinoa in water. Fry the curry paste a bit up (use no extra oil, usually it contains already a lot) and add coconut cream. Stir until well-amalgamated. Add chopped carrots and half a tin of chickpeas. Fry the red onion in a small pan with coconut oil and when crispy take them out to drain on a kitchen paper (get rid of as much excess oil). Serve rocket, quinoa with child flakes, curry and onions and enjoy!

I checked the ingredients and with these products I used the result was:

20,8 g fat ( 10.4 per person) | 170,3 g carbs (85,15 per person) | 38,5 g protein (19,25 per person) | 4464 kilojoules, so 533kcal per person 🙂

Health benefits of this meal:

Quinoa is a protein-rich food and contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains as well all Iron, lysine and magnesium. It keep you satiated for longer and is perfect for gluten intolerant people like me 🙂

Carrots have health benefits like reduced cholesterol, prevention of heart attacks, preventing cancers.

Chickpeas also a great source of plant-based protein and fiber, iron, zinc, phosphorus, B vitamins and so on. They help control blood sugar level and increases satiety.

Coconut Cream Coconut Oil cures everything as we know – but coconut cream? Well look out for the one without guar gum, because it is not easy to digest.

Red Onions provide longterm health benefits such as cancer prevention or allergies and asthma. A 1/2-cup serving of chopped onion contains no fat or cholesterol and thus is can be a  healthy choice for those watching their fat or calorie intake. A serving also contains 1.5 grams of fiber.

Rocket (Arugula) is a low-calorie vegetables. 100 g of fresh leaves hold just 25 calories and serves as an excellent source of vitamin A, C and K.

Please bear in mind that I am not a certified nutritionist and make no claims to the contrary. Each individual’s dietary needs and restrictions are unique to the individual. Information is provided to the best of my ability. Know that you are ultimately responsible for all decisions pertaining to your health.

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