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Hello guys!

As you know I have recently moved from the African continent to the Asian continent. Specifically, I have made my way to the beautiful Vietnamese city of Hanoi. It has been quite a cultural shock – to say the least, but after one week I can say that I have settled in quite well.

Hanoi or Vietnamese Hà Nội, is the capital of Vietnam and the country’s second largest city. The city lies on the right bank of the beautiful Red River. Hanoi marked 1000 years since the establishment of the city in October 2010! The hustle and bustle is not the only thing Hanoi is very-well known for: This beautiful city has been shaped by the the Vietnamese dynasties of bygone days as well as French colonial rule and thus, can be considered one of the main cultural centres of Vietnam. A lot of relics have been destroyed throughout the wars however, the city doesn’t lack cultural and historic monuments that are worth visiting. While at first, I was  worried about the availability & variety of vegetarian options the Vietnamese cuisine would offer me, I have come to the conclusion that Hanoi offers enough light, affordable and delicious meals for all palates. Of course it is a whole different cuisine from what I am used to, not comparable to- and much more authentic than the Asian dishes we know from elsewhere. Still, everything I have eaten so far has convinced me that these worries have been unfounded. But then again, I am lucky to skip the undiscovered parts of the local carnivorous community 🙂 The street-food is great, so I guess Vietnam hasn‘t been labeled one of the best places in the world to eat street-food for nothing, I reckon.

I have already organised a motorcycle, which is the number one mean of transport for locals and have experienced the craziness of local traffic. Decisions have to be made quickly, with hesitation being fatal. Nonetheless it seems to work.


I will be staying here for the next few months, with Jess hopefully joining me soon and will be reporting about my daily struggles, experiences and adventures.

Stay tuned!


In the following you can see my journey and the distance between Cape Town and Hanoi, which is a bit over 11.000 km:








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