South Africa | Vergenoegd & Fairview Estate

Hi guys,

before Storm left we visited two Estates that we had on our bucket list for a long time. Vergenoegd Wine Estate & Fairview. Both located outside of Cape Town, we decided to make a day trip to visit these special places.


Vergenoeged, which dates back into the 17th century has developed a great wine-making tradition. From artisanal picnics to blending experiences including wine, coffee, tea and olive oil and award winning red wines – Vergenoegd is nothing short of grand experiences. Most of all, however, Vergenoegd is known for its quirky army of 1075 Indian Runner Ducks. As the website states:

“This waddling workforce is essential to the farm’s pest-control, consuming a startling amount of snails and bugs on their daily patrols. The ducks are also a big part of why Vergenoegd proudly carries WWF biodiversity certification.”

Every day, three times a day, a spectacle unfolds as the ducks – in eager anticipation – are performing their daily parade in order to complete their mission of tackling all kinds of pests in the fields. Besides enjoying this amusing show, one can visit their market for a snack or just a simple stroll around in order to take a glance at the fantastic estate.



Founded in 1693, this estate does not only house a collection of micro-businesses who all create artisanal and sustainable produce ( focussing on fine wine and cheese), pursuing a holistic lifestyle but also hosts a true Cape Wineland Icon; The goats, who the owner of Fairview label as “cheese makers, smile givers and beloved furry friends” have become their mascots and a vast tourist attraction. Each year in September, the newborn goaties join the “squad” and roam the property just as their parents did before them. You can visit their infamous Goat Tower, their beautiful tasting room, their Deli, their bakery or of course the Goatshed Restaurant. For Vegans less interesting but still worth mentioning are the amazing products that these fluffy creatures produce. As they say their “Deli brims with a diverse selection of home-made local products and sustainably farmed foods.” Storm and I bought a set of balsamic and honey-mustard dressing. It is absolutely delicious and I wish I would have bought more of those. Any plain rocket turns into a 4-star meal with this topping. No lie 😉 Moreover we bought a lavender cordial and a flower petal cordial. This estate is a beautiful place to take a stroll and some snaps for both the young and the young at heart and leaves nothing to be desired!






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