Vlog | South Africa | Oranjezicht City Farm Market (OZCF) Ⓥ

Hey guys!

Another week has gone by and in the meanwhile my friend from back home has arrived. So of course we will try to pack her stay with great experiences!  While there are many many markets worth exploring, one that is definitely on top of that list is the Oranjezicht Market at the Waterfront. As the name implies, the farm where all the fresh products are grown is located in Oranjezicht so don’t be confused. As the website states: “The Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) is a non-profit project celebrating local food, culture and community through urban farming in Cape Town.” Besides the weekly market day, this farm aims at raising awareness about food consumption and becoming more conscious of what we put into our body. Moreover, if you cannot make it to the market, they offer a weekly Fruit or Veg box, sometimes also filled with coffee, olive oil, local rooibos, honeybush, grain or legume such as , quinoa or chana dal and many more things. Besides, they also offer school outings  which help in learning about soil, herbs, eating patterns, plants and other things. You can be a sponsor for a bed of planted veg, buy a glass mug to pursue a zero waste lifestyle or join the Bokashi Brigade where you contribute to composting, which is used to keep the soil adequately fed. As you can see this farm is an allrounder and you can contribute to this great project in many ways. If you are still not convinced go check out our pics or the Vlog on the bottom! See you soon 🙂




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