Hello peeps,

this is our Bucketlist of a 150+ things that we think one must have done in life and also the things we were lucky to have already experienced. We are mainly looking for crazy unexpected stories, that our grandchildren shall be delighted to hear from us. After all, who wants to be a boring granddad/grandma 😉 So here is to the crazy daring people who see life as a potion one should down at ones. For those who want the whole cake instead of a piece and for those who agree that here is no other option than to just be a doer. Dare, breathe, try and maybe fail and repeat. We very much hope for you to do be inspired to do the same and make the most of this splendid life.

 = both        = Storm       = Jess     ✗ = not yet      ~  = almost

  1.  Find a four leaf clover       ✗
  2. Complete the World’s Largest Timed Cycle Race, Cape Argus, 109km    
  3. Do a river rafting tour and float down a waterfall (Breede River)     
  4. Feed the swimming Pig in Exuma on the Bahamas      ✗
  5. Do a horse trail ride in Sleepy Hollow      
  6. Start a jar of memories       ✗
  7. Do abseiling from Table Mountain 1085m, 112m    
  8. Learn how to sail and cross an ocean       ✗
  9. Ride on the back of a motorcycle      
  10. Do the warrior jump dance with the Maasai tribe      ✗
  11. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania      ✗
  12.   Eat @ 1/50 top restaurants of the world, White Rabbit, Moscow      
  13. Celebrate “Holy” in India       ✗
  14. Get matching tattoos     
  15. Climb a volcano      ✗
  16. Feed a koala bear & Kangaroo       ✗
  17. Go skinny dipping in the lake      
  18. Visit all the Christmas markets in Munich and get drunk on Glühwein    
  19. Play ukulele on a beach     
  20. Have a morning shower under a waterfall, Switzerland      
  21. Learn chess and play against a pro       ✗
  22. Sleep in a museum, Louvre, Paris, France      
  23. Sleep in a hammock under the stars     
  24. Catch a firefly and keep it in a jar       ✗
  25. Share a conversation with a homeless person      
  26. Complete longest slaying track+ end up in a heap of snow, DE       
  27. Try to get buckingham palace soldiers to laugh 😀       ~
  28. Skate in GorkyPark (biggest ice rink on earth) & be a figure skater, RU      
  29. Sleep in a Yurt      ✗
  30. Celebrate kings day in the Netherlands in orange clothes     
  31. Swim with sea turtles      ✗
  32. Be a kid and play on Europe’s biggest playgrounds  (Linnaeushof)     ✓ 
  33. Gamble for one night in Vegas, USA       ✗
  34. Eat Belgian waffles in Belgium & ‘get fat or die trying’..       
  35. Walk through most beautiful spring garden in the world, Keukenhof     
  36. Visit the ancient city Petra in Jordan and pretend you are Indiana Jones    
  37. Build a ginger bread house (don’t eat it though, tastes weird)      
  38. Walk in an upside down house, Moscow, Russia       
  39. Climb the ‘cupola’ of the Pope’s crib + write a postcard, Vatican City      
  40. Go to the day of the dead- Día de Muertos, Mexico       ✗
  41. Watch the world’s largest 4D show, Bolshoi Theatre, Russia       
  42. Take your own Vespa with you and and ride it in Rome       
  43. Ride a camel in the desert       ✗
  44. Watch the nutcracker in the Bolshoi Theater, Moscow, Russia      
  45. Rub a Ginnie lamp and free the jinn in Istanbul (where is he btw)      
  46. Kiss George Clooney (Does Madame Tussauds count?)      
  47. Eat a Michelin-star restaurant       
  48. Attend SAIL  (biggest maritime manifestation) + watch ships roll in      
  49. Hear the muslim call to prayer and attend a prayer ceremony, Istanbul       
  50. Visit the Uffizi Gallery and pretend you are a art connoisseurs       ✗
  51. Sleep next to elephants and ride on them, South Africa       
  52. Ride a unicycle and fall with it       
  53. Play a role in a fairy tale (red riding hood short movie)      
  54. Finish our studies (Master’s)       ✗
  55. Read Harry Potter in 4 languages      
  56. Work on an organic farm, live autarchic       ✗
  57. Record a song together      
  58. Knit something and donate it to charity      
  59. Write a cookbook (E-book counts)       ✗
  60. Have 3 sons and two more sons (insider)       ✗
  61. Volunteer on every continent       ✗
  62. Visit the biggest + oldest Bazaar in the world and haggle, Istanbul    
  63. Jump out of an airplane       ✗
  64. Party hard in Miami      
  65. Drink a beer in the bavarian upper lands      
  66. Experience a Russian winter (once is enough)      
  67. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef (Citizen Scientist)       ✗
  68. Have a white christmas while singing “I am dreaming of a wc” 😀      
  69. Find my soulmate      
  70. See the sunset in Santorini, Greece       
  71. Climb “The Heavenly Stairs”, China       ✗
  72. Take Your Picture with a Bunch of Parrots & Monkeys, South Africa     
  73. Record your own song (professionally)       
  74. Dance on the Red Square, Russia       
  75. Design your own piece of clothing and make it      
  76. Watch Ronaldo take a free-kick live      
  77. Walk across Ponte vecchio (and try not to spend money on gold 😉 lol )       
  78. Take a bath in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Hot Springs      
  79. Stand between two Seas on a causeway (Afsluitdijk)       
  80. Visit ALL New 7 Wonders of the World       ✗
  81. look at Michelangelo’s David in Florence and try not to blush      
  82. Draw a painting that a gallery displays       ✗
  83. Run a (youth) marathon and win a prize, Tegernseelauf, Germany       
  84. Volunteer in the townships       
  85. Learn a new language      
  86. Take the Inka Trail, Peru        ✗
  87. Star in a Hollywood movie (or just an extra)       
  88. Connect with someone from your past       ✗
  89. Doze off in an glass igloo under the Northern Lights       ✗
  90. Drink at an ice bar       ✗
  91. Play in a band and play a live show      
  92. See a  full lunar/solar eclipse      
  93. Ride in a Tuk Tuk       ✗
  94. Play piano to a big audience      
  95. Give someone random a surprise       ✗
  96.  Go Kayaking      
  97. Go camping on the beach       ✗
  98. Do cliff-diving       ✗
  99. Solve a rubix cube in under 10 minutes      
  100. Learn to skateboard       
  101. Do a crazy cooking course       ✗
  102. Donate hair to locks of love       ✗
  103. Get drunk on the Oktoberfest      
  104. Ride in a Gondola      
  105. Clim a lighthouse      
  106. Visit a castle and pretend you are sword-fighting      
  107.  Do the Polar Plunge      ✗
  108. Go to a wine tasting and get drunk , South Africa      
  109. Stand in a telephone box in London and make a random call      
  110. Write something cheesy in wet cement       ✗
  111. Take a sneaky bite from someones (fresh) burger on the subway      
  112. Swing from a rope into a lake      
  113. Ride a dune buggy       ✗
  114. Get our own first car  (red MINI cooper convertible “Ruby”/Fiat Bravo)    
  115. Participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony     ✗
  116. Get your own first motorbike      
  117. Play at least two instruments      
  118. Be in the front row of a concert, Billy Talent, Munich      
  119. Do the splits without getting hurt       ✗
  120. Take part in a flashmob      ✗
  121. Take a photo everyday of the year       ✗
  122. Spend a night in a tree house      
  123. Let go of a floating lantern on the beach, Athens      
  124. Drink from a coconut on the beach      ✗
  125. Go to Coachella festival       ✗
  126. Go to AfrikaBurn and camp in the Karoo desert, South Africa       
  127. See a Broadway musical       ✗
  128. Go to a masquerade ball (and feel like gossip girl)      
  129. Buy a homeless person a full meal      
  130. Walk through a riot with armed response      
  131. Learn martial arts – Korean Taekwando (several years)      
  132. Have a mud fight       ✗
  133. Start a new tradition      
  134. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel      
  135. Go through a drive-thru on a bike/trolley      
  136. Go through a drive-thru on a horse       ✗
  137. Put soap in a public fountain       ✗
  138. Swim/walk in a fountain       
  139. Have a song written about you        
  140. Attend Comic Con in a full costume        ✗
  141. Meet our doppelgänger       ✗
  142. Donate blood for a good cause       
  143. Throw a dart at a map and travel wherever it lands        ✗
  144. Visit the worlds oldest zoo, Austria       
  145. See a whale, Hermanus/ Simonstown, South Africa       
  146. Walk over the oldest Wadden Islands +mud flats in the world, Texel       
  147. Learn how to play ice hockey       ✗
  148. Eat@Austria’s oldest wine tavern &pay what you like (Auracher Löchl)      
  149.  Visit a prison &shed tears for humanity (Berlin, CT)      
  150. Visit a World War II Bunker (Berlin + Netherlands)      
  151. Drink and be marry with people who don’t speak the same language      
  152. Visit a concentration camp to doubt humanity      
  153. Do a road trip through America from West to East Coast + Drive Route 66       ✗
  154. Straddle 2 hemispheres, 2 timezone & travel in time, Greenwich, UK      
  155. Find the love of your life (special thanks to whiskey! 29.12.2012♥)      
  156. Light a candle in every church in every country you ever visit      
  157. Cross the intersection at Abbey Road & sing “yellow submarine”       ✗
  158. Draw your own tattoos and get them done, Istanbul      
  159. Dress up for Halloween and spook around the city, Moscow     
  160.  Go surfing & kite surfing without getting bitten by a shark, Blouberg      
  161. Get married (29.12.2015♥)       
  162. Fly a private plane (and don’t crash it 😉 ), South Africa      
  163. Take a tour on a super yacht in Monaco, FR      
  164. Go zip lining together      ✗
  165. Visit 10 of the world UNESCO heritage sites      
  166. Plant a tree and watch  it grow      
  167. Witness a miracle      ✗
  168. Watch a World Cup final game      ✗